Now everyone can start earning Bitcoin rewards thanks to our NFT backed by real Bitcoin mining. Our NFT allows you to start mining, opening the door to a world that was previously virtually inaccessible.


Mining is the process of making cryptocurrencies, with each person becoming their own Bitcoin maker. But this operation is usually too complex, requiring more than 17 trades.

At Startmining, we want to democratize access to mining both technically and economically.


How do we do this? By deploying an NFT. This is an innovative solution based on blockchain technology and smart contracts


Each NFT corresponds to a fraction of the Bitcoin reward from our mining operations.  Thus everything is transparent and the token holders can follow their mining operations in real time.

Now everyone can start earning bitcoin rewards!


StartMining NFTs are issued by smart contracts. Therefore, everything is transparent and readable on the blockchain.


With Startmining NFTs, there are no technical and economical constraints to access Bitcoin mining rewards unlike traditional mining.


At Startmining, we favour sustainable mining operations powered by renewable energies when possible.

About us

Startmining is a French start-up company based on the French Riviera.


Unlike most of the other mining companies who mine bitcoins for themselves, we run a mining colocation powered by renewable energy in our facilities in Iceland. That means we manage mining operations for our clients. We provide them with turnkey mining solutions that include the supply, importation, setup, hosting, monitoring, maintenance and security of their hardware.


Over the years, our enthusiastic team has developed a sharp expertise in cryptocurrency mining. We share a common vision in favour of decentralization and we aim at building a better future, by giving access to mining both technically and economically to as many people as possible.