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Startmining A 100% Start-up Company

Startmining is a multi-mix of experience, successes, failures, human values, sharing of IT knowledge, enriching personalities and the desire to achieve goals common to the entire ecosystem. Are you interested in our story? Read it below 

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Saimi Barragan

CEO Founder & Commercial Director

Thibaut Spanier

General & Technical Director

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Théophile Gas

Administrative and Financial Manager


  1. Values: Startmining is first and foremost authentic, responsive, with knowledge sharing, conveyed by a desire to achieve profitable mining within everyone’s reach.
  2. Team: Our team of enthusiasts, enriched with experience over time and advanced hardware expertise, is attentive to customers’ satisfaction. Startmining is run by industry professionals, not shareholders.
  3. Inventory and Teasing: We are not a back-office retailer or broker, and we don’t usually sell what we don’t have, either from listings or quotes.
  4. Innovation: We design and build our own mining systems designed to maximize efficiency. We have pooled all the costs associated with mining to make it as profitable as possible for everyone.
  5. Partnerships: Startmining has also a solid network and offers a significant level of support from its partners and players in the IT world, allowing us to be one of the only companies with a hosting of + 80 Mega-Watts in Europe, which is up to € 0.055 per KWH.

Interview with Startmining

From all IT fields, why specialise in mining?

To be the pioneers of an emerging industry is truly rewarding and enriching.

Furthermore, we have always believed that mining is a vehicle for achieving a better distribution of resources, which corresponds to our values. We are at the start of a new ecosystem, where each actor steps in to write a tiny part of the story. It is a moment that is both inspiring and exciting!

Since 2017, has your role within the company evolved with time?

Yes, definitely! We love our job, and we work to achieve mining that is as efficient and profitable as possible for everyone. It used to be difficult for people to resume professional mining at home because of the many requirements, but now with compound mining almost anyone can own a mine and oversee its operations from their office. Whereas in the past we were looking for solutions for profitability, today we are working to improve this concept and perfect customers’ expectations.

How do you see the future of the blockchain and mining in particular?

It is particularly difficult to predict the ultimate impact that a new technology will have or who will benefit the most. Regarding mining, it teaches us, perhaps much more than any other profession, to remain modest whatever the market trend. From price volatility to mining, including brokers who sell equipment, each link becomes intrinsically tied to the other, becoming, so to speak, a single chain, a single block where no one is essential, but where each entity is playing its part. Given this interdependent connection, we can only be very positive about the future of mining itself and that of blockchain, a fabulous technology that is only in its infancy.

The Story of Startmining… This is where it all begins

"The maturity of a company is not measured by its results alone, but also by its resilience within its human dimension"
Saimi Barragan
crypto mining palier


September 2021

At a time when the KWH is becoming rarer and more expensive, Startmining is pleased to officially announce that our entire colocation in Iceland now benefits from a KWH at 0,06€ (with still 0% mining fees) !


September 2020

Join now the growing concept of colocation mining, where miners come from all over the world. Let's build together a sustainable mining that is profitable for everyone.


September 2020

Startmining lands its business in Iceland, with several thousand GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) on board, ready to be hosted.
From now on, colocation mining takes its final shape, the one we have always wanted to give it, with accessible green energy and in enough quantity to suit everybody, with attractive contracts, insured miners, permanent cold, amenable taxes in a stable country, all costs included in the offer.

NEW LAND IN SITE, 16,000 Square Meters

June 2020 - 80MW

AdvaniaDC, a historic Icelandic data centre and Startmining, a French mining operator, forge an unprecedented tripartite partnership.
Startmining signs a capacity contract of 80MW and the possibility of a full development of the concept of colocation mining, making its site the most important in Europe.

Islande atterissage
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March 2020

Théophile Gas, leader of a group of companies, invests his skills and energy into the development of Startmining, whose values he shares.
With In-force management and great administration skills, he consolidates the Board of the company and ensures the financial health of the business, which becomes involved in international trade.


February 2020

Customer hosting in France reaches its maximum potential in relation to our workforce and our site limited to 400 kva (kilovoltampere). It is now time to develop the concept, while maintaining the Startmining ethos, with 100% green energy and 0% mining fees.
The team travels around the world and meets many owners with multi-Mega-Watts mining farms, but none whom yet share our vision of colocation mining for all.


September 2019

Thibaut Spanier, passionate about cryptocurrencies and mining since his first rig in 2014, joined Startmining at a crucial time. He believes in the future of the project and invests in it full time.

In the months that follow, he becomes General and Technical Director of Startmining and helps build a more operational structure.


September 2019

Dr Gérard Sassi, General and Financial Director at Startmining, a devoted friend, goes into emergency hospitalization. He died a few weeks later, leaving a family and a company with people, who suddenly lost their bearings. He will have provided essential support to the launch of Startmining and his memory will last forever.

Gérard Sassi
Bureau sophia antipolis

Sophia Antipolis, 380m²

August 2019 - 400 KW

Startmining is opening its third mining farm, of around 400KW spread over 380m², with a negotiated energy price of €0.074 per KWH. It is a new record in France, which goes unnoticed.
At the same time, ‘Sophia Antipolis’ becomes the head office of the newly formed, SAS Startmining (Ltd), where ten shareholders sign their entries with a total capital of € 56,800.


March 2019

Startmining's DNA meets the charisma of Alchimia, a major investment fund. A solid partnership is formed, based on trust and the fundamental values shared between the two parties. Six months later, the contracts are signed for the long term, with an optimist outcome for the very long term.

logo starmining


Ferbruary 2018 - 64 KW

Two new mines, each measuring 45m², are inaugurated in Toulon, a port city in the south of France. The concept of compound mining starts in France, in particular with the Crypto French community. Active members then become investors and clients of Startmining, which is taking off. 7 months later, ‘Coins Mining Area’ entrusts all of its clients to Startmining, which takes over. At a time of falling prices, the concept of colocation for mining is showing its strength.


September 2017

It is in “La Seyne sur mer” that the first head office is founded, an office of 8m², which will soon host the largest contracts signed by Startmining.

At the same time, the new Startmining enterprise brings together several hundred French mining players, for a vast call for tenders from European energy companies, which results in a 45% reduction in the price of energy (€ 0.096 incl. VAT per KWH!)



May 2017

Coming from a simple background but passionate about IT, Saimi reviews the 300 types of jobs that exist around the internet; he discovers mining in the 299th position. Enthusiastic, he assembles his first rigs with Ethereum France and offers his contribution to the Crypto FR community.       He then becomes a moderator and helps new cryptocurrency miners, pioneers of this booming technology.