Crypto mining is often criticized as a particularly energy-intensive and polluting activity. However, solutions for a greener mining exist. At Startmining, sustainability has always been part of our DNA. Like many of you, we are concerned about the environment and we want to preserve our planet. It is therefore only natural that we have opted for ecological and sustainable mining solutions.

🌍 What does this mean?

We have chosen to set up our mining farms in Northern Europe, in countries where it is cold all year round and where renewable energies abound.

❄️ Why is the cold interesting?

 Because it allows the machines used for mining to cool down naturally.

⚙️ How does it work?

 The outside air is being captured, then filtered through G4 pockets. The filtered air then cools the machines through a corridor. This natural cooling technique is called “free-cooling“.

🍃 Why is free-cooling environmentally friendly?

Because it avoids the use of air-conditioning which, in addition to being energy-consuming, produces refrigerants responsible for greenhouse gases that pollute the ground and the air.

Free cooling

It is no secret that the machines used to mine require a lot of energy to operate. Many mining companies still use fossil fuels to power their farms. But we know today that these energy sources are running out and polluting.

At Startmining, we have chosen renewable energies to power our mining farms.

🌿 What are these renewable energies?

They are geothermal and hydroelectric energies. It is the volcanoes and the rain that allow our mining farms to operate continuously.

🌀 And why not use wind energy?

This energy source only works when there is wind. It is not produced continuously. As a result, mining farms that use this energy are forced to use other energies (mostly fossil fuels) when there is no wind

Mining activities are certainly energy consuming, but it should be remembered that digital activities such as data storage are even more so. It is up to each of us to ask ourselves about good digital practices in order to reduce our carbon footprint in the long term.

⛏️ Want to know more about green mining?

Watch this video produced by Ledger “Can mining (finally) go green?” You will discover our facilities in Iceland and an exclusive interview of our CEO Saimi Barragan. Enjoy the video!