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Entrust the management of your equipment to professionals

Your hardware, your coins/tokens, our know-how


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Go for the GREEN mining experience in the best possible conditions offered in Iceland,
one of the coldest and safest country in the world.

0% mining fees

Use your equipment to mine towards your wallet, via a pool of customers, without the need of a middleman. No mining fees!

Advice & support

Benefit from advice, technical expertise and monitoring of your monthly operations, with an experienced team of experts, attentive to your needs.


Get dedicated access to the Startmining back office and monitor your operations in real time.

"We are not your supplier, we are your partner"

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At Startmining, we believe that everyone should be able to make a profit

What does being profitable mean? For us, that means striking the right balance between purchasing equipment, monthly hosting and monitoring operations, and it starts as soon as you order! When you make a purchase with Startmining, we take care of everything, from assembly to installation via the delivery.

Discover our team here at Startmining as well as our background history

Startmining shares with you its vision, its values in relation to 3 years of experience, including milestones.


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