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Certified ISO 27001

ISO 27001 complies with international regulations, which guaranties the safety of technological & technical data centres.

100% green Energy

100% of the energy is renewable and comes from hydro-electric and geo-thermic sources, it is stable and in full supply

Free-cooling (ecological phenomenon)

The concept of free-cooling meets our criteria in relation to green mining in the long run


Le matériel est sélectionné et optimisé pour offrir le meilleur rendement du moment


Une équipe compétente capable d’intervenir sur le matériel pour en assurer le bon fonctionnement.

Backoffice Startmining

En temps réel, gardez la supervision complète de votre puissance de calcul et l’historique du rendement.

“ISO 27001; an international requirement to insure safety and reliability within the site

The site is fully fenced and secured by access control, regular security watch and the deployment of a complete 24/7 remote monitoring system in each building, controlled from the central unit. The buildings are ISO 27001 certified, guaranteeing the technological and technical reliability of the data centres.

 “Bitcoin no longer pollutes, we can produce it in a natural way using energy cycle that literally falls from the sky”

100% of the energy is from renewable hydroelectric and geothermal sources, with rainfall of around 2,000 mm per year. The quality of the network also allows an uninterrupted energy supply.

“Free-cooling fits in with our vision of a Green Mining future”

Iceland’s naturally cold outdoor air enters the premises at an average of 12 ° C and is then filtered through G4 pockets. The temperatures thus remain low all year round, without additional consumption, which is one of the founding pillars of ecological and sustainable mining.

“The material is selected and optimized to offer the best performance at a given time”

Assembled in France by our team in Nantes, our high standard miners are designed from the outset to maximize the efficiency and longevity of the equipment. We are happy to offer RIGs that stand out, equipped with the best components available on the market, as well as recognition software, capable of automatically switching to the most profitable crypto.

“Our team is trained to repair any material defects”

A 99% uptime and a care team ready to physically intervene to reboot, maintain the fleet and replace defective parts when necessary.


Have total supervision via 24/7 access to your hash-rate, your operating fleet and the rest of all your mining operations.

The Startmining Experience

We offer the experience of an economic model based on mutual trust, efficiency and transparency