Mining Colocation:
Valuable asset of sustainable mining

"Owning your hardware in a supportive, trustworthy environment with cheap energy is probably the best asset of a cryptocurrency miner."
Saimi Barragan
Founding President

The concept in a nutshell

Shared hosting and maintenance service for GPU & ASIC

A pool of miners makes it possible to reduce the usual costs due to mining, to optimize the return and to enter a dynamic market. It is also to make available the provision of infrastructure normally reserved for very large companies, security systems, cooling, and everything that promotes a sustainable and collective mining climate.

This concept of pooling corresponds most closely to our vision of the blockchain and the decentralization of energy and IT resources for all.
Shared hosting and maintenance service for GPU & ASIC

Pooled costs, maximized efficiency
"The more the merrier, the more we mine"
Thibaut Spanier
General & Technical Director
Mining Compound allows a reduction in costs for everyone.
crypto mining palier
level 1 : € 0,07 par KWh
<1500 KWh
Level 2 : € 0,06 par KWh
<3000 KWh
Level 3 : €0,055 par KWh
>3000 KWh

Current level of Mining Compound

0 kWh 

Mining fees 0%

Your computing power is under your control

Material available in quantity

Purchase of bundled equipment
In favour of a controlled final cost, the more there are, the more interesting it is!

Single configuration

We offer a unique optimization of the entire system, ventilation and power depending on your choice of components and chip model.

Actual billing

Mining Colocation is measured by billing prorated to your consumption, so you never pay more than what you consume.

Startmining community

A strong and committed Startmining community, who shares its experience and stays at your side We want to be your partner, not your supplier.

Creation of added value

We put our expertise and experience to work to help you select the equipment, that best meets your goals.

Internal network

A Startmining place that offers opportunities on equipment bought or sold by its partners and customers throughout the year.

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The Startmining Experience

We offer the experience of an economic model based on mutual trust, efficiency and transparency