Our team wishes you a great year 2022!

Thanks to you, 2021 was an eventful year:

🏅 The colocation has reached a new level with a KWH at 0,06€ (and still 0€ of mining fees)!

🤝 Our team has grown with the arrival of 4 new collaborators: Eve, Joris, Arnaud and Marie-Léa.

All this thanks to the strength of the colocation which continues its growth! This is why we would like to thank you for your support.

The year 2022 is also going to be rich in new green mining projects that we will tell you about when the time comes.

This year, we will have the opportunity to meet you at events such as Virtuality Paris or the Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

So see you soon for the next part of our adventures, which are sure to be exciting! 🚀

Take care of yourself and your loved ones