Dear Clients and Partners,


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new hosting offers, now available.

Many of you have contacted us over the past year, and ever since, the whole team has been working hard to source new hosting locations.

Startmining has heard you.

For more than a year now, our colocation in Iceland has been a victim of its own success, and many of you have been asking “When” new hosting spaces will be available for ASICs. To answer your queries, we have been mobilizing considerable efforts for a year to find hosting sites whose political environment, local team, energy source, social impact and DNA are the continuity of what we have accomplished in Iceland.

The context, the complexity and the fast-paced market throughout 2021, the unpredictability of the laws, and the recent Merge (September 2022), have delayed the progress of colocation. That is why we chose to expand our model in targeted countries around the world, and as of this writing, we are continuing our discussions on possible new agreements with potential future locations 🤝

As you know, while Bitcoin mining is increasingly reserved for industry insiders, Startmining is working to establish a sustainable colocation to make the best operating conditions, usually reserved for large corporations, as accessible as possible.

This is a huge challenge, involving more than 17 different trades and negotiations with huge stakes. We have taken up this challenge for all of you, readers of Startmining’s newsletter #2.




Founder & CEO of Startmining



We found the land! 🏝️

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that not only has Startmining negotiated new spaces in Iceland for you 😱, but more importantly, we’re replicating our colocation model everywhere in the world, starting with the new Eldorado for global mining – Paraguay🤩 And the scoop? You can contact us 📧 today to get ASICs in hosting AVAILABLE NOW 🚀


If you’ve been waiting for a long time, know that we’re in one of the best times to prepare for the next “bull market”, at a time when ASIC prices are back in line with the market.


Startmining 3.0  👨‍🚀 

The Startmining website is constantly evolving, even if you haven’t seen it yet (we’re fine tuning everything to press the Update 🚀 button). In the meantime, you can use the “Form” section to reach out 📝

Otherwise, you can also directly click here 👇

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Follow the evolution of our offers! We guarantee what’s coming is going to be huge! (in addition to everything we just wrote above) 😱 🚀


See you soon for the rest of Startmining’s ventures!



The Startmining Team