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Startmining is a multi-mix of experience, successes, failures, human values, sharing of IT knowledge, enriching personalities and the desire to achieve goals common to the entire ecosystem. Are you interested in our story? Click below 🙂

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Saimi - Startmining

Saimi Barragan

CEO, Founder 

& Sales Director

Thibaut Spanier

General & Technical Director

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Théophile Gas

Administrative and Financial Manager


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Arnaud Cabello

Project and Business Manager

Marie léa

Marie-Léa Vogel Vidal





Joris Semmane

Sales Advisor



Eve Weber

Sales Advisor


Interview with our CEO Saimi Barragan


From all IT fields, why specialise in mining?


To be the pioneers of an emerging industry is truly rewarding and enriching.

Furthermore, we have always believed that mining is a vehicle for achieving a better distribution of resources, which corresponds to our values. We are at the start of a new ecosystem, where each actor steps in to write a tiny part of the story. It is a moment that is both inspiring and exciting!


Since 2017, has your company’s activities evolve with time?

Yes, definitely! We love our job, and we work to achieve mining that is as efficient and profitable as possible for everyone. It used to be difficult for people to operate professional mining activities at home because of the many requirements, but now with compound mining almost anyone can own a mine and oversee its operations from their office. Whereas in the past we were looking for solutions for profitability, today we are working to improve this concept and perfect customers’ expectations.


How do you see the future of the blockchain and mining in particular?


It is particularly difficult to predict the ultimate impact that a new technology will have or who will benefit the most. Regarding mining, it teaches us, perhaps much more than any other profession, to remain modest whatever the market trend. From price volatility to mining, including brokers who sell equipment, each link becomes intrinsically tied to the other, becoming, so to speak, a single chain, a single block where no one is essential, but where each entity is playing its part. Given this interdependent connection, we can only be very positive about the future of mining itself and that of blockchain, a fabulous technology that is only in its infancy.